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Does being congratulated for something out of your control just consolidate that it’s okay to also pin your hopes on those things (ie. things you can’t control?

If you get accepted into something, or approved of for something, or given something based on your performance… yes, you had some control over getting it, but largely (or sometimes entirely) the decision was out of your hands.

So if you’re congratulated for it, is that sort of like being congratulated for splitting the atom? For being #1 on the women’s International Circuit? For winning a third grade spelling bee that just finished in north eastern Des Moines, Iowa? You didn’t actually do it, but you’re being congratulated.

Now, compared to the atom splitting, the tennis or the spelling bee thing, you probably had a lot more say in getting that promotion or approval, and it was based on something you did have control over.

But, it’s important to remember that those decisions are not in your control, at all. So whatever the final decision happens to be, be ready for both sides of it. Don’t expect it to go your way, or against you, so you can prepare to roll with whichever way the coin lands.