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When it comes to living your own life, and choosing between two alternatives, is this how to do it?

If you have two ways to live your life, and you wrestle between doing one thing (at the expense of the other), ask yourself these questions…

Do I want this? 

Do others say I should do this?

If you answered (in order) yes and yes, then it makes sense to do it. If you answered No and yes, then if you choose to do that thing, it’s possible you’re living someone else’s life. If however, you answered Yes and No, it’s likely you are living your own life how you want, without the outside influence of others who don’t know you or understand what truly matters to you.

If you have to justify something you do, or give it validity based on how others say you should live, it’s possible you are a passenger in your own life. If you are doing something that despite what people say, feels great to you (and isn’t hurting anyone), well it’s possible you are in control of your own life. You are living your life.

So the only thing left to do, if you are living in your life, is to address your fears (really dig deep into details of what they are) and you’ll soon learn more about what’s important to you. Life is not that long, so live it how you want. Not how people say you should. Those people also have no idea of what they’re doing, and haven’t for thousands of years, and won’t ever either.