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Change your life now!!! Yeah, and if you don’t want to?

Everything changes, but ‘Change’ and especially voluntary change, is not always good (Also, climate change. Not that good.)

So when self-help gurus tell you ‘You can change your life!’¹… What if you don’t want to? What if you’re on a path to the life you want, or you’re already content with the one you have?

(I’ve been guilty of this. And what if you don’t want to ‘change your life?’ What an asshole. I’ll leave it titled that way but a less asshole-y thing to call it would have been ‘The 3 questions that improved my life’).

So a better way to say it would be ‘You can improve your life. That is, if you actually want to. After you’ve examined why you want to. And also if it’s worth it.’ Not as catchy though.


¹ Nor do they attempt to address if the change is actually worth it.