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On Challenging Yourself

If someone responds to the question, ‘Why do you want to do that?’ with: ‘To challenge myself’, what does that actually mean?

One of my mentors a student to task over exactly that and then followed up asking her, ‘Is the point of challenging yourself just to challenge yourself?’

The power of the right question is far greater than a thousand answers. 

So just like when making big decisions, if you’re thinking of challenging yourself, it’s important to ask these questions:

This thing I say I want… Do I actually want it?

Is it worth it?


But for challenge, you may need to consider a few more things,  especially considering challenge takes time –the ONE AND ONLY single, solitary only goddamn thing we cannot get back– (and sometimes a fuckload of it), so I’d also ask yourself a few more:

What’s at the end of the challenge? 

Is it worth it? Why?


Is the process (not the end goal) worth it? Why?

And one more:

What am I giving up to take it on?