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Catastrophe will befall us all. But in between those times, there are moments that do go according to our dream script.

Everyone through out history has at least one cataclysmic event happen. By the definition of being mortal we all must face the greatest catastrophe that there is – death. At least the death of our own (if one happens to be lucky enough to life a charmed life of no problems at all up until that point), but more than likely, you are one of the billions and billions of people who will have at least one catastrophic event. One that when you were a kid, you maybe couldn’t have even imagined, or maybe had, but the thought of it filled you with an existential dread making unbearable to even think about, let alone truly imagine what it would be like to live it.

So there is no script to a perfect life. Well, there is, but the fact that you’re human, and you coexist with other humans means it may resemble it a bit (at best), or more than likely be nothing like it.

But between those unscripted events that we could not have imagined and filled us with terror, there are also blissful moments. Moments where nothing is the midst of disaster. And its those moments that make life worth living, even if the sucky things can sometimes make it feel like it’s not.