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You are capable of much more than you think – The philosophy of: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo suffered with polio as a child and then with disabling injuries as an adult following a traffic accident. Yet, despite all her trials she managed to capture the colour and life that was present in her (despite her obstacles) and in life (as well as in Mexico). The Broken Column is a clear window into what it was like being, feeling and living like her:

But despite everything, and all the headfucks in her life, she kept fighting, pursuing her dreams, painting and living life.

Things can always be worse (up until you’re dead, but then who cares right? Well, you won’t.). You are capable of not only withstanding, but overcoming, far more than you think (while accepting and maybe even loving your fate)…


Is it possible for you to not only accept your fate, but to love it? – The philosophy of Nietzsche on Amor Fati.