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Can you only truly love others after you first truly love yourself? – The Philosophy of: Queen’s Somebody to Love (on Self-Love)

There’s a shit ton of songs about rescue fantasies – about how when we find someone to love us it’ll complete us, give our life meaning, or even save us.

But no one can complete you, save you or give your life meaning except for you.

Giving true love to others–free from attachment, jealousy or possession– can only proceed once you first love yourself. You don’t fundamentally need anyone else to be happy, but you do need to love yourself before you can truly love someone else, and to be fine if they, for some reason decide to leave your life.

Although once you get to the point of loving yourself, or even liking yourself, it doesn’t mean the job’s done. As Freddie Mercury goes on about in this 4 minute deeply mournful yet self satisfied, self-secure and self-loving musical diamond by Queen, it’s still hard as shit to find someone to truly love, to give your love to, who will want the same from you, ie. nothing. That is, nothing except for you to be happy.