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Is it better to ‘be alone than to WANT to be alone’? – The argument for being single.

If freedom is important to you, it may be far better to be single (with its uncertainties and anxieties) than to be in a relationship where you wish you were single.

It may be better to be alone than to want to be alone. If you’re alone (which is not necessarily ‘lonely’ as Daniel Johns can tell you about), it may be uncertain, make you anxious and be scary at times, but every day has new possibilities – nothing is set (although even in relationships, nothing is either). However being in relationship that you don’t comprehensively with all parts of you want to be in, is a risky situation that may lead to not only regret, but a life that you lived according to how someone else wanted you to, which in essence and reality, is a life that is not yours.

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