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Before you ask something, just check, does the answer lie WITHIN your question?

Several times I’ve been asked by English students:

‘How can I improve my writing?’

‘How can I improve my reading skills?’

‘I want to get better at speaking. How can I do it?’

And I tell them: You just answered your own question.

If you want to write better, write. Want to become a better speaker, speak. And the same thing goes with a shitload of things. Lebron James isn’t good at basketball because he practices water polo or whitewater rafting day and night.

Same thing goes for bigger questions too.

‘How I can be happy?’

The answers right there. Drop the ‘How can I’ and you’ve got it. A lot of the answers we seek simply require us to think it for it to be true. They just need a simple change in mindset.


The Answer lies in the question. We all have the innate sense of what is right and wrong, and so we have the answers within us. We just need to know the question.