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You aren’t who you WERE or what you’ve ALWAYS DONE, you are who you are and what you do NOW + what Vanilla Sky (or Abre Los Ojos)’s got to do with it.

What you’ve always done, how you’ve always acted, how you react to certain tough situations, the guilt you get in certain situations is because you always have done it. It’s because you chose either the circumstances to cause it, or your reaction to whatever just happened.

Every moment, from now, or after you react in a way you feel you always have, is a chance to respond in a completely new and/or better way...

In a way that you, the you that exists right now, truly wants to (and is capable of). Also, try to see if you trace what you’re feeling, whether it’s shame, guilt, embarrassment, jealousy, abandonment or whatever back to when you were a kid…

And, just check… does how you feel when something shitty happens, when you do something shitty, or when something ‘shitty’ happens, stem from way back when you couldn’t even tie your shoelaces, let alone process and contextualise anything in an emotionally balanced and calm way?

What you haven’t been able to do has no effect on what you can (& The philosophy of: Richmond FC Coach Damien Hardwick)