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Approaching new people hoping to make a connection or friendship (or maybe even more) and what’s Monty Python got to do with it (inspired by my mate Matt.)

If you’re afraid to approach someone you want to talk to, meet, are interested in, or want to make a connection with, well, you don’t have that right now.

So what’s the risk?

You currently don’t have a friendship, relationship, their phone number or a connection to them, so if you don’t get any of those things, well you didn’t have it in the first place. So what have you lost?


(This is what Monty Python has to say on it)

But on the other hand, taking the ‘risk’ of approaching them, saying hi, or even asking for their phone number or out, you could gain heaps. A new connection, a friendship, and maybe even new joy that you would never had if you didn’t take the ‘risk’.