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Apart from water, nutrients, shelter and keeping your body temperature at 37° it’s possible there’s one more thing you need: a positive natural environment

There are four things you need: Water, nutrients, shelter from the elements so that your body temperature doesn’t drop or rise to critical levels that endangers your existence. That’s it. That’s all you need. 

But there’s one more thing… since we are natural beings, we are also part of nature. And as much as we are a part of nature, we are also part of our natural environment. And where we are, in terms of its natural element, therefore has a influential effect on our life, who we are and our contentment.

If your physical environment brings you to life, it’s because you connect to it –either to the people in it or to the nature (whichever one matters to you more. Or maybe both?)

So where you live matters, and more accurately, how natural it is matters. It could be the reason that in cities, stress is higher. Go to a coastal area and then walk around a big city. See where you see more smiling faces. See where you see more people willing to say hello. See where you see people actually connected to their environment and more connected to the people around them.