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Animals don’t care about superficial bullshit… so, should you? – The Philosophy of: Chunky [pt.10] & The Wisdom of Animals

This is what I come home to every day…

Chunky couldn’t give a shit if a lesson I tried to teach bombed today, or that they’ve just completely changed the format of the test I’m preparing students for and it’s super annoying.

Animals, and especially pets, couldn’t care less that there was this annoying customer at work today, or that you ‘Always have to pick up the slack when Steve goes on holiday and why is it always me?’, or that your boss never listens to your ideas, or ‘Fuck. That girl Laura at work… what’s her problem? She thinks she’s better than me, I can tell.’

Does that mean those things don’t matter? Well in one sense, they do (if they matter to you) but in the overall context of life, your life (a ‘pinprick’), and eternity, and if what gives life meaning are the individual moments you just let go and enjoy being alive in this moment right now, they don’t. 

All animals care about is the here and now. This moment. You’re here, they’re here… life is good. And maybe that’s all that matters. As maybe that’s the only real and sure thing you have.

And that’s what animals, and pets, remind us of.