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ACTUALLY… if you’ve set yourself a challenge, THIS is the difference between you and anyone else who ever did the same

Yesterday I wrote that this is the difference between you and anyone else who set out to do anything tough, challenging, gruelling or seemingly impossible.

But you know what, F that noise. If you want to learn, do or achieve something difficult, you don’t need most of that stuff in the picture anyway.

There’s one thing that matters –the thing inside the coconut on top of your shoulders.

Yours looks like this:


And the thing inside the coconut of anyone in history of the world ever¹ who ever learned, did or achieved something tough, seemingly impossible or that was just a complete headfuck (or is currently doing it) EVER… well, theirs looked like this:


Notice the difference? Yeah, once again, exactly.

If you really want to do something hard (after you’ve asked yourself if it’s worth it, and why)…

Do it.


¹ Well, you know, more or less².
² Or actually, maybe yes?