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You are one of 7 billion nobodies (and somebodies)

Have you ever heard someone say this:

‘He’s a nobody’

‘What’s she done with her life?’

‘He’s no one. At least I’m someone.’

In Reality Bites,Winona Ryder’s character, Lalaina is having a crisis because of what she ‘should’ve have been by now’, and Ethan Hawke’s (Troy), tells her: ‘The only thing you have to be is yourself.’

Look at this. This is every living person on the planet. Michael Jordan’s in this. Elon Musk is in this. You are in this.

At the same time, you’re both somebody and nobody. Part of the larger whole of humanity, which, at the moment, there’s about 7 billion other nobodies and somebodies just like you on Earth.