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4 Great Grey Slug Couples You May Or May Not Know Are Together in 2021

Great grey slugs may only mate once or twice in their whole lives. And because they can fertilise their own eggs, some never even do at all. But despite the lack of required nookie, it doesn’t mean romance in the slug world is dead. There are still some great grey slug couples humping their damp slimy brains out. Here are 4 who you may or may not know are SO hooking up in 2021: 


When two slugs mate, both the male and female fall pregnant. And these two have been getting each other up the duff on the daily ever since the 4.5mm light-moderate rainfall of Feb 21st. Aww…. SO JEL!!




Great grey slugs have about 27,000 teeth which suits these two just fine, as they love nothing more than nibbling at each other’s earlobes, whispering sweet slug nothings about how disgusting and slow they both are, and then pounding each other within an inch of their lives with the horror penis that extends from the opening in both their heads. Cute!!




Though slugs can only reach speeds of up to 1 metre/hour, things have recently been moving for this couple at 100 miles per hour.  They initially found a common bond with the fact that they both lose their bearings and can never return to where they just were if they are picked up and moved as little as 12 metres away, and now it’s their love for one another keeps them together in this gross gastropod union. Not only that, they also share the fact that they are slow wet nightmares and completely yuck. #RelationshipGoals




As slugs are hermaphrodites, they don’t need a partner to reproduce. But that hasn’t stopped this couple from banging like beasts. But aside from the fact these two smash each other’s genitals on the reg, they also just love spending a quiet evening together scrapbooking about what gross disasters they are. Nawww… swoon!! Couple life FTW!