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Step 1: Live, Step 2: Die

Step 1: Live
Step 2: Die

That’s the path and the instructions for being absolutely any living organism on this planet. It’s that simple. But then why does Step 1 get so complicated for us humans? During Step 1, we don’t know what to do, how to do it, we look everywhere for happiness, satisfaction, excitement, fulfilment, we buy heaps of stuff, want more and more… All of this when  we know exactly what the next step is.

It’s when you try to deny that Step 2 exists, and how real it is, that Step 1 gets all messed up. Focus on existing and being present, in the environment you’re in right now and with the people you’re with right now. Because there’s only one other thing as sure as step 1, and that’s step 2.

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