Um, did the lead singer of The Similou even know he was being filmed here? This isn’t ‘Dance like no one’s watching’, this is ‘Dance like you don’t even know you’re actually filming a music video right now.’ (& Another reason why this is the greatest Love/Breakup song in the history of all the musics ever)

This is how to NAIL life…

Just be in your own zone, happy to do whatever you do, regardless of what people think of it (as long as you know, you’re not hurting them in some way).

That is the lead singer of The Similou doing exactly that. Just doing what he does. And freaking NAILING IT (and all in one take?).

Sidenote: That’s actually my pretty much my dance style too (I’m not at his Grandmaster level yet though). I don’t know who stole it from who, but someone stole it off someone.