The philosophy of: Martin Pistorius – What makes us human is communication. It’s not ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ It’s actually vice versa that matters more.

Communication is what makes us human, enabling us to connect on the deepest level with those around us — telling our own stories, expressing wants, needs and desires, or hearing those of others by really listening. All this is how the world knows who we are. So who are we without it?
– Martin Pistorius

Imagine not being able to tell anyone anything at all? Not being to communicate anything, even the most basic thing, like ‘Hi.’ let alone anything more interesting. That was Martin Pistorius’ reality. And he was well aware of it too.

Being human is the one thing that connects us all. Regardless of colour, language spoken, religion, you are always connected to every other person by the nature of the species we are. If you ever think you’re alone, there is always someone to talk to, to do the most basic human thing we take for granted – to communicate with.